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Sizable Storage Units For All Your Needs


Breinholt Storage is your go-to self-storage facility in Richfield, Utah. With an array of storage rental units available in three different sizes, we can help you select the right space to accommodate any size of your storage requirement.

12 x 22 (264 sq ft.)

This large storage unit provides you with 264 square feet of space for your storage needs in all seasons. It can easily accommodate the possessions in your entire house or office, even the ones of considerable size!

8 x 22 (176 sq ft.)

Roughly a little over the size of a garage, this fairly large unit can hold up to three bedrooms’ worth of content! This 176 square feet space is even suitable for large items such as tables, pianos, washers, and refrigerators.

5 x 22 (110 sq ft.)

This generous storage unit is a space of 110 square feet. It is an ideal option for the seasonal storage needs of students, homeowners, and companies. The unit can roughly contain the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or that of a box truck.

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